Designing Courses With Accessibility and Usability in Mind


Usability is ease of use. Label text links accurately to improve keyboard accessibility. Create a logical sequence. Set up a semantic structure. Highlight focal points and connect new information with prior knowledge.

Label text links accurately to describe the location they take the learner to. [508]

Set up a semantic structure using Heading tags for navigation. [508]
from the WebAIM (Web Accessibility in Mind) site.

Use "breadcrumbs" on larger websites to help learners see the big picture.

Highlight illustrations with arrows and descriptive markers to direct the learner.

Connect new information with prior knowledge to help with transfer of knowledge.
(short effective video from

Provide guidance when a student makes an inappropriate selection.
"Meeting the Challenges of Maintaining Confidence as a Learner", Augusta Gross (2002), from LD Online.