Five Ways to Elevate Workforce Performance

Applying the Noble Enterprise Business Model

A self-paced online course and study guide for those in leadership positions

Exercise I



  1. Pull out a notepad and a pencil or pen.

  2. Watch video

  3. Recall your company’s core principles and values.

  4. Jot down some quick notes on your impressions of the five pillars.

  5. Define the five pillars of a Noble Enterprise (NE) in your own words.

  6. Reflect on two ways the NE pillars are similar to your company’s core principles.

  7. After watching the examples and non-examples segment, reflect on two ways your company is different that a Noble Enterprise.

  8. Discuss your reflections in the Notes on Noble Business Blog. Please note—this will open in a new window. You will have to close this window to return to the course. Begin your blog post by naming the Exercise you will be reflecting on.