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Exercise II

Instructions for Exercise IIScenario Details

Instructions for Exercise II:

Exercise II is made up of five sketches. Each sketch visually describes a different business challenge. The sketches are narrated and explained by captions at the bottom. More detail is available in the image alternative tags for those who use screen readers.

  1. Read the Scenario Details
  2. Select a sketch from the above menu (order is not important).
  3. Study the sketch and read the caption at the bottom.
  4. Reflect on the situation described by the narrative and the picture.
  5. Read each of the three answers to the right of the sketch.
  6. Select the choice you feel is the best.
  7. A new window will open showing the answer recommended by this course instruction (as appropriate in a Noble Enterprise). Close wondow to return to course.
  8. For additional information check the Job Aids or Resources links at the bottom.
  9. Discuss the reasons you agree or disagree with the course's recommended choices by blogging in Notes on Noble Business. Start your Blog post with Exercise II, the name of the exercise you are reflecting on. Please note—this will open in a new window. You will have to close this window to return to the course.

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Scenario Details:

Jonathan Jones is hired as the CEO at CA Connect, Inc., a failing telecommunications company in California. The decision to hire Jonathan is made by an elite management team. They are asking Jonathan to become the new CEO because they feel he has the best qualifications and leadership skills. Jonathan has a long and distinguished career at CA Connect and is familiar with their product lines and services. He has led teams successfully and is respected by stakeholders.

Here are a few facts about CA Connect:

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